March 12th – Testing some extreme shift movements for the 300mm lens. Between shifting the frame and using swings I think I had the front and rear standards racked out more than 10cm apart.


March 13th – Old radiator cooling plate is off since it doesn’t fit with the Evo 7 bumper. Just sanded and was working on polishing it up to get it ready to sell.


March 14th – The 65mm roll of 250D came in. Have to get this shipped off to Cam so he can keep working on a way for cutting it down to fit on 120 rolls.


March 15th – Definitely appreciate getting off of daylight savings so that there’s an increasing amount of sun left still once I get home at the end of the day.


March 16th – Sick day, well recovery from insomnia. Sometimes I have a really difficult time sleeping until 4 or 5 am and then end up being useless all day afterward.


March 17th – Zab came back just in time to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. We both love this beer even though it’s not Irish we had this and a few others since it’s difficult to pass up.


March 18th – Roaming around Pasadena with Zab after a drive and some King Taco(have to eat tacos everywhere). The design of their city hall is beautiful, I’ve shot this before on medium format as well, but I’ve wanted to try with the 4×5 and hadn’t before this time.


March 5th – Hiking through the clouds at Griffith Park with some friends. It was only a little rainy on the way up and the clouds broke just enough to shoot this and some slides, but then on the way back down it just poured.


March 6th – The first part of my Evo 7 conversion done. I got a front bumper from another Evo owner who is selling his car and wanted to bring it back to stock. More parts are on the way now to complete the look soon.


March 7th – My old RPF1’s are off the car, changed to a new set of 17×9.5’s with a 38 offset to reduce chances of rubbing that I would sometimes get with the 22 offset. Surprised to see how spanked one of the Hankook R-S3’s was as well after only a couple months of use.


March 8th – Another part toward the Evo 7 conversion, picked up a wing from Khiem at KT Motoring.


March 9th – Photo day for a bunch of parts that are off the car now and I need to get sold.


March 10th – Cooking some spicy chili and chipotle flavored beef and rice and having a night of editing.


March 11th – Winding down on Saturday and trying to prepare myself for the daylight savings time change.


February 26th – Logging idle fuel trims and waiting around since the Evo needs to cycle for 12-16 minutes.


February 27th – Bought another intake manifold to use to help blueprint a project hopefully for not too far down the road.


February 28th – More of Cam’s cinema film developed, dried, and ready to scan.


March 1st – My daily carry for now.


March 2nd – Went up to Hasan’s new place to swap front bumpers but ran into a bunch of fitment trouble so we didn’t end up going through with it.


March 3rd – Pulled my carbon fiber front lip off to exchange it with a urethane one. Only had this on the car a few months and already it started getting holes through it from rubbing during entering and exiting places or hard cornering when the nose would dive.

March 4th – Completely messed up the metering and calculation to adjust for reciprocity failure. This was suppose to be a picture of John’s and my Evo parked next to each other.