Trip to Kodak Headquarters

Trip to Kodak Headquarters

When I went back home last summer to shoot the Climb to the Clouds race, Cameron and I had some free time in the days ahead of that event. Part of that time we took to drive from New Hampshire over to Rochester New York so that we could meet up with the Direct of Web Strategy and Development at Kodak, Matt Stoffel. Once we made the 6+ hour drive we stopped in at the Genesee Brew House and waited to meet up with Matt. While waiting, one of the fellow film photographers I know from Instagram, Taylor Hendricks, happened to see Cameron and I were in town and stopped by the brew house to hang out for a bit as well. It was really random to run across another photographer who I had only known through their work online.

Matt later came to meet us at the brew house and brought along a nice Hasselblad, H3 I think it was, as well as some rare and discontinued Kodak films. Cameron, Matt, and myself then headed out to do a short photo walk on our way to the Kodak Headquarters. We were lucky enough that Matt was able to give us an amazing tour through some of their facilities and explain more of the history of the headquarters, company, and what may lay ahead for them in the future. Hopefully Kodak will continue to have a base of support with photographers like myself who enjoy the medium and I’m looking forward to when they bring e100g back to the market. Next time we go back to Kodak, hopefully we can see even more and I should also bring a tripod.

Genesee falls in Rochester New York

Genesee Falls near downtown Rochester

Cameron Marin in Rochester New York near the Kodak Headquarters

Cameron with his Bronica ETRSi outside the Kodak Headquarters

Kodak Headquarters

Kodak Headquarters

Kodak sign in the headquarters

Nice to see you for the first time

Kodak employee old pool and track

Former pool and track for Kodak employees, apparently color tests were also performed in this area

Hallway full of darkrooms at the Kodak headquarters

Hallway lined with numerous darkrooms, yes.. I needed a tripod

George Eastman's Memorial at the Kodak Headquarters

George Eastman’s grave site

Buildings at the Kodak Headquarters

Film production magic happens somewhere in there

Cameron Marin shooting at the Kodak Headquarters

I think Cameron was shoot the Kodak sign and buildings behind it

Random picnic table sitting on a high spot out of the Genesee river

Random picnic table on some rocks in the middle of the Genesee river

Pattern of repeating outcrops of a parking garage

Parking garage near downtown Rochester

Rochester New York at night looking over the Genesse River

Looking over the Genesee River to the Kodak Headquarters

Kodak Headquarters at night

Tighter shot with my 150mm lens instead of the 80mm

Stairs up to a parking garage in Rochester New York

Parking garage entrance

Bridges over the Genesee River

Dos bridges

Pedestrian bridge over the Genesee River

Buildings on State Street

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