Film is not dead

I’ve been out of commission with my portable setup for my 4×5 since early last month. The Feisol ballhead I use somehow had the shaft of the clamp knob back out enough that I couldn’t keep it screwed in. Maybe it’s difficult to see in the picture, but the shaft raised the center of the knob.

Feisol clamp knob

I’m not sure if that was from repeated heavy tightening, but I think there should have been a metal stop in the knob to prevent the shaft from being able to do that. I’m kind of paranoid of having my camera fall, so I always tighten down the clamp hard. Fortunately when I contacted Feisol about it they were responsive and after an initial shipping mistake got my ballhead replaced.

Feisol CB-50DC

Now after over a month and a half I have my light weight setup back for shooting 4×5. Hopefully I get out more, especially since I haven’t been shooting much since coming back from Korea and China.