Film Photography

April 9th – Mixed up some old C-41 chemistry I had from a Tetenal concentrate kit to see how things would turn out. I think it has been sitting for 6+ months and the negatives ended up looking like they had a pink mask rather than an orange one. I don’t think I filled the bottles with xeon or anything before storing them though, so that probably accelerated their degradation in quality.


April 10th – Stopped by Freestyle photo again and picked up the Unicolor C-41 kit as well as some more slide film, this time in 35mm since I need to shoot more of it before using the Fuji kit I recently got.


April 11th – I ordered some Tamiya TS-71 to try and tint the chrome housings of my headlights to make a black chrome look. Other headlight modders had recommended it over trying to use the Dupli-color or VHT tinting paints.


April 12th – Spent a lot of time cutting more stickers before having to give Raul back his plotter. I think I’m going to have to get one of these for myself.


April 13th – Development night with the new C-41 kit and getting some of Cam’s film done.


April 14th – Covered up everything I could so I could finally spray my headlight housings. Overall it was much harder than I anticipated to spray them smoothly. My attempts with the Tamiya paint failed since it sputtered too easily when the can was angled. I ended up having to switch to using a flat black, though even that did not go smoothly at first and there’s more work to do to finish up the lights before sealing them back up.


April 15th – At least one side’s housing and HID cut off came out well. The other side had over spray issues that I had to sand and respray as well as a section of chrome that got pulled up by the tape. I still haven’t completely figured out how I’m going to address that.


April 2nd – Light housings all masked up and ready to spray. Just waiting for some paint to show up along with supplies to build a mini booth to spray in.

April 3rd – This building is coming up fast, I already can’t see the street anymore and I would guess I’m going to lose my view out into downtown in this year.

April 4th – Yes, still messy but moving out more of the Evo parts. The old wheels and tires sold, so not too much more big stuff to move through now.

April 5th – The other new building across the street is going up even faster than the one in front of my building. I would guess it’s only going to be a few more months before it’s taller than my building or any of the others near it.

April 6th – Surprised I haven’t shot anything from LA Cafe earlier, I usually end up going there often since it’s close and I love their food. This was a chipotle chicken wrap which I end up ordering often and the Fraziskaner is always good. Just miss sharing those with Zab like when she was here.

April 7th – More projects, tracing out and measuring the stock Evo 7/8/9 intake manifold so I can start modeling an alternative one in CAD for an idea I have.

April 8th – Finally restocked on E-6 chemistry. I got tired of waiting for the Tetenal kit to come back in stock at Freestyle so I decided to make the leap and try the Fuji kit out. People say it’s the best, but it looks like it has a really short shelf life. I guess I’ll have to wait until I have even more rolls and sheets piled up before I end up mixing this.

March 26th – Rescued some torn up drawings and writings Zab left behind..


March 27th – Trying to just focus more on work and projects. Worked on editing a lot of interior shots I had done for a client.


March 28th – Out working on the 峠モンスター(Mountain Pass Monster), pretty much a non-stop project it seems.


March 29th – JDM Evo 7 GTA lights showed up. Overall not bad condition, though there were two crack areas on the edges of the lights I’ll have to sort out when refreshing the lenses.


March 30th – Supplies gathered up, at least for the lens refinishing. Still need to pick up paint supplies for the housings and HID cutoffs.


March 31st – Hardest part is over I think, I had to bake the housings at 225f for 10 minutes each and then use a heat gun to finish getting the silicon sealant to give way on the lenses.


April 1st – No fools here, only chilling on Caturday