Things for the year

If I were to start printing more of my work should I put it up here for sale? I’ve been thinking to get more into printing and framing my work this year. Most of the prints would be inkjet prints, but I’d also like to learn and make actual black and white silver prints as well. I thought about learning c-type prints as well, but I should see how I actually do with black and white first.

I’m starting to look at where to travel and shoot this year. So far my main choices are Japan(again), New Zealand, Australia, or Norway. Primarily I’d want to hike, camp, and shoot large format pieces, but I guess that will depend on time of the year I go and if I can convince my brother to come and haul gear with me. Out of those places what do others think might be best?

The site is getting back to where it was in terms of images that I had up prior to my database problems. It’s not very organized again though, but I’ll likely do that soon and perhaps break things down into more sub-categories as well. I did also end up getting back on Instagram, but I already am kind of regretting that. It seems like the quality of the platform has really declined over the past few months as it has become rammed with more ads and pointless features.

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