Fujifilm Acros 100



I’m back from visiting the Philippines with Zab and catching up on things. What I’m most disappointed to learn though is that Fujifilm is yet again ending production of more of their film products. They’re stopping production of all their black and white films and papers, which sucks since Acros 100 film is probably my favorite and most versatile black and white film. It has far fewer problems with reciprocity failure than the Ilford or Kodak black and white films, plus you can push process it beyond 800 iso in caffenol. Fujifilm cited the costs of production not matching demand, however in that case why aren’t they just raising the costs of the products so they remain profitable even at the lower volume? If they really don’t want to continue producing these and other films later they should sell their patents and formulas off to companies who seem to still care about this art medium. Soon they’ll have to drop “film” from their name entirely it seems..

My brother, Cam, was out in LA for a few days last week so we could work on shooting a book or series of photos. He ended up bringing out his nearly mint Yashica 124g which I had a chance to try and use more while he was here. I love how quiet and stable it is, I was able to get most shots hand-held at 1/15th or even 1/8th of a second without much of a problem. The only thing that was difficult was getting use to the meter, fortunately using the Caffenol C-C-L recipe in a semi-stand way was able to pull out quite a lot of detail despite the film being 2-3 stops under-exposed.