Show Off Cafe, Little Tokyo

Show Off Cafe, Little Tokyo

More older photos that I shot on slide film that I finally developed. These were all back during Nisei Week in Little Tokyo at the Show Off Cafe car show. The show was really good overall I thought, it had a good share of cars that actually looked functional rather than only being show focused. I think my favorites were a lot of the classic JDM cars since it’s really rare to see any of them out driving in the wild anymore. Unfortunately I don’t know all the details for the cars I shot, but leave me comments about them if you know.

If you follow me elsewhere you might have noticed I’ve also been less and less active with posts on social media as of late. That’s likely to continue as I find less value in posting anything and instead will focus on posting here. Shortly after this I’ll probably post another roll or two of the slide rolls that were part of this batch of things I had been sitting on.

NSX with a full aero body kit for time attack
Toyota Supra Mk4 engine bay with a lot of shiny HKS upgrades
Silver Nissan Hako GT-X
Classic '80's Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo
Nissan S13 Silvia, I think
White Mazda RX-7 FD
S2000 Engine Bay with a lot of Mugen upgrade parts
Toyota AE86, Spoon Acura Integra, and Honda S2000 lined up
Toyota Corolla Engine Bay with tubular headers and exposed cam gears
Long exposure side view shot of a classic Mitsubishi Lancer

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