Done with a busy week and should be on to shooting and developing more, even outside of the 365 shots. I have a fairly good sized pile of 120 e-6 rolls that Cam and I shot in December along with more 35mm cinema film. Not quite sure what some of the other projects I want to tackle for photos are yet, but hopefully I’ll be shooting some more portraits again soon and getting a few of those on 4×5 as well.

January 8th – Late night at the office getting more NAMM preparations done


January 9th – Some of my gear out as I tried to figure out what to pack for my daily


January 10th – Break between the rain showers


January 11th – Back from a dangerous drive where I found out Cam’s Evo with the R-S3 tires are terrible in the rain


January 12th – Construction going up every where in downtown and soon to block some of my views


January 13th – Drying the 4×5 shots, including some from earlier in this week


January 14th – Another attempt at getting the small tilt-shift look I messed up in the previous week


This year I’ve decided to try a 365 project and do it all using my 4×5 camera. I was feeling that I don’t really use that camera enough despite how much I generally love the photos that I’ve gotten from working with it. Trying to shoot with it everyday has been a challenge already due to the amount of time it takes to prepare a shot or haul around. I’ll try keep posting the full week’s photos after I’ve finished developing and scanning, even if there were mistakes that I don’t like.

January 1st – Shooting some beer with Zab so we could try to make a seamlessly looping video of the bubbles.


January 2nd – Night time view over East LA


January 3rd – Resuming a normal schedule after the holidays is tiring


January 4th – Rendering some lessons on the big rig


January 5th – Come on over to the studio


January 6th – Level has an interesting fascia


January 7th – Trying and not quite succeeding at a tilt-shift version of downtown. Didn’t get out to shoot more, wish I had spent Zab’s birthday with her.


More photos will be up on the blog in the near future. Cam and I shot quite a bit while he was here in Los Angeles with me and I also finished up editing a few sets of photos I hadn’t finished up before. I should also add some more recent photos to the portfolio selections since I haven’t really changed those in a while. If you have some favorite photos that I’ve posted on Instagram or Tumblr over the past year or so that aren’t on the site, please let me know and I should get them added to the portfolio. I’m trying to keep those sections to a “best of” set of photos that are based on feedback or what I feel are some of my favorite shots.