Social Sites

As various social media sites rise or fall in importance for me I’ve decided to remove some of the links I have in my footer here. Not surprising to many people, it seems as though Google+ is not really worth putting effort into, but I have almost all but given up on maintain my presence on Flickr as well. I’ll keep my past posts there, but doubt I’ll put anything new there, the changes to the site and management over the last two years have really made it more of a hassle to use it. It’s just unfortunate some of the photography subs on Reddit rely heavily on it for image hosting and look down on links from other sources. In case anyone wants to check out the sites I’m on the full list is below including sites that I’m on, but not really adding to.

Model Mayhem



A new year and possibly more posts, but also there is a fairly good chance my post frequency won’t increase. One of my goals is to write more and cover ideas as well as share some of my processes though. So between working on projects and learning new things maybe I’ll find the time to write before I get distracted by other things.

I would actually like to work with more people this year on pieces that could be portfolio pieces for everyone on the team. Especially on pieces that could incorporate fashion, visual effects, and large format photography. Actually if any concept would be beneficial to the team involved I’d be interested in working on the project. I’m only going to continue charging for projects that are for commercial use.

I’ve been out of commission with my portable setup for my 4×5 since early last month. The Feisol ballhead I use somehow had the shaft of the clamp knob back out enough that I couldn’t keep it screwed in. Maybe it’s difficult to see in the picture, but the shaft raised the center of the knob.

Feisol clamp knob

I’m not sure if that was from repeated heavy tightening, but I think there should have been a metal stop in the knob to prevent the shaft from being able to do that. I’m kind of paranoid of having my camera fall, so I always tighten down the clamp hard. Fortunately when I contacted Feisol about it they were responsive and after an initial shipping mistake got my ballhead replaced.

Feisol CB-50DC

Now after over a month and a half I have my light weight setup back for shooting 4×5. Hopefully I get out more, especially since I haven’t been shooting much since coming back from Korea and China.