Film Photography

May 21st – Messy room and still decompressing from work travel. I can’t even remember what I did other than some laundry and working on more developing.


May 22nd – Paint projects, got the Evo 7 wing all cleaned and scuffed, ready to drop that off with the car at the body shop as soon as it’s back from getting the transmission done. The valve cover is coming along slowly, even after a few rounds of aircraft stripper some of the original paint really doesn’t want to come off. I need to figure out a better way to prep this for its new paint.


May 23rd – The new building next to mine is almost up to my floor. Kind of bummed how fast it’s coming up. Looks like I also didn’t expose this shot long enough, guess I metered too much where the construction lights were.


May 24th – Some of my other cameras, just getting ready to expand my 365 to using any of my cameras rather than only the 4×5.


May 25th – Actually spending some time to work on music again, I feel like I don’t put a lot of time into it since I get overly picky and frustrated easy and end up going back to working on visual arts.


May 26th – Mugi, chilling with me on her favorite chair. I guess most things around here might be her favorite places to sit though.


May 27th – Packed up and ready to go, I was suppose to go shoot at a drift event, but my buddy wasn’t able to make it due to a friend of his crashing before we even made it to the track for the day.


May 14th – I had a great weekend with Zab being back in Los Angeles. Though, I’m biased and always love the time that we get to spend together. Over the weekend we tried to eat at least 1 taco at all the various taco places in Downtown. Though, we kind of failed later in the day as one of the places gave both of us an uneasy stomach. We have some ideas on the culprit, but I’m not going to name names. She was off getting ready for her flight while I was shooting her uniform, which she looks great in.


May 15th – I’m all packed up as well and about to roll out for my work trip to Montreal, New Jersey, and New York. Is it obvious which shirts Zab helped me fold? They look a lot more pro than my own attempts.


May 16th – Well.. there was going to be a black and white version of this same shot, but it got wrecked when security pulled the dark slide on that holder during a hand check. Fortunately I had shot the same scene on Ektar as well. This occurrence is what got me thinking more that maybe I need to use other cameras for this 365 and not just be limited to my 4×5.


May 17th – No shots in New Jersey since it was a busy morning, I waited to get my daily shot once I was able to make it to Manhattan in the afternoon. I shot this from the hotel and was surprised I was able to get it without interference from the glass without a polarizing filter. I had forgotten mine at home.


May 18th – Such a hot day in NYC already, it was around 97 and humid. I forgotten how tiring it can be trying to walk in that heat with the 4×5 and didn’t end up shooting anything outside and only shot the room once I came back exhausted. Dealing with the heat was another reason why I got to thinking perhaps I should adapt my camera choices to the situation for this project.


May 19th – Finally home again after a long day and surprisingly few delays from JFK. Time for a beer and to kick back.


May 20th – Normal days, getting caught up on laundry and cleaning now that I’m home.


April 16th – Haven’t really felt like going out much due to being really tired from not sleeping well and feeling kind of blank. Just thought I’d test out longer and longer exposures with Arista. This one was 16 minutes.


April 17th – Even longer exposure, I think this one was 30 minutes.


April 18th – Got out after work and shot more of the Caltrans building which I have wanted to get on 4×5 for a while.


April 19th – Evo is back again, trying to clean out the intercooler since oil has been accumulating in the intake, intercooler piping, and intercooler. Not sure exactly what the issue is, but I think there’s too much crank case pressure pushing oil past the turbo bearing seals.


April 20th – Looks like a late night for the construction guys. This was around 7pm and they were still hard at work. This building keeps coming up quick.


April 21st – Wide angle shot of the building construction and looking north through downtown. Friday, but felt the week just was dragging on and I want to stay in.


April 22nd – Picked up a spare valve cover from Henry. I’m going to try drilling out the vent to 1/2″ at least and run that to the intake and see if that reduces crank case pressure. I also want to strip the paint and re-paint it wrinkle black before throwing it on the Evo.