After almost half a year of my 365 project I have been feeling more and more that’s it’s difficult for me to shoot new and interesting things with the 4×5 daily. While I really love the camera for landscapes, architecture, and some of the car exterior shots, it’s also slow and cumbersome to bring somewhere, setup, and shoot. That was very clearly illustrated to me again when I was on business travel in Montreal and New York City last week, both cities were already more hot and humid than I had anticipated and hauling around the gear to shoot with was very tiring especially after meetings. There also was an issue bringing my film holders loaded through security and getting a hand check, one of the airport security guards in Montreal pulled the dark slide on what was my black and white shot for the day even though I had them locked down.

Since I know I have to travel more for work again later in the year I’m thinking on how to avoid situations like this past week and also feel like I’m not getting stuck in a rut with what I shoot. I may be lifting my self limitation of sticking to the 4×5 and allowing myself to use any of my cameras. The upside is I’ll be far more adaptable to daily conditions and for travel I can choose lighter and faster gear to work with. The downside is that with photos being spread over more cameras updates could take longer as I’d have to wait until I have enough film of each type before it would make sense to mix new chemicals and develop. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too burnt out from last week and overthinking this all.

May 7th – My valve cover is ready to be tapped for a new 5/8″ vent, I got to drill it out at Raul’s with his drill press.


May 8th – Found a set of good condition clear side markers though the SoCal Evo group. Makes the overall car lines look cleaner in my opinion. Can’t wait to get the rest of the Evo 7 body work done.


May 9th – Cabbage and onions frying and softening up for yaki soba


May 10th – My 1/2″ NPT to 5/8″ barbs for my valve cover vent project showed up. Not sure how I’m going to fit these as they’re bigger than I had expected.


May 11th – Starting to prep the valve cover for a new coat of paint, letting some aircraft stripper do its magic. Trying to stay busy since I was worried that Zab wouldn’t make it back to LA because she accidentally missed her first flight.


May 12th – Relieved and super happy, Zab was able to get a later flight in and we were both starving by the time we got back to downtown so almost nothing better than getting more LA Cafe food to quench that hunger.


May 13th – Mugi… in heat again. I can’t decide if I will find her a partner or just get her fixed finally. It’s sad for me to think that if I don’t later I won’t have any other legacy from her.


April 30th – The lights are finally all painted and the lenses polished and UV sealed. Took much longer than I would have thought, but along the way I ran into a few snags, plus the perfectionist side of me made me redo parts of the painting and polishing a few times until I got it right.


May 1st – Lights installed and looking good. Couldn’t get the clear side markers installed though since my old pair had really discolored while in storage.


May 2nd – Long day of presentation preparations, just watching the daylight fade again after work.


May 3rd – One of my favorite Japanese snacks, just something to help me get through the last of the presentation preparations, though they’re always better with beer.


May 4th – Now that I have a little more time I can get back to trying to finish up more of the Evo projects. Now on to color sanding and polishing the clear coat on my old lights to get them ready to sell.


May 5th – Out at Raul’s watching and sort of helping him with the new livery install.


May 6th – Old lights are all sanded and polished up.