I’ll be in the New England area in early July, primarily to shoot the Mt. Washington Hillclimb with my brother Cameron. We still have some spots open on our schedule, so if you have a project focused around product, architectural, or landscape work feel free to reach out to me and discuss setting something up. We may also plan an photo walk for film shooters, but I’ll post more on that later if we hammer out the details.

Looking forward to getting out and shooting a lot more of the green summer landscapes and nature though. This shot below is a long exposure on 4×5 Ektar that I shot from one of my favorite hill tops in April last year. I finally had enough 4×5 C41 shots to do a development run.


More photos will be up on the blog in the near future. Cam and I shot quite a bit while he was here in Los Angeles with me and I also finished up editing a few sets of photos I hadn’t finished up before. I should also add some more recent photos to the portfolio selections since I haven’t really changed those in a while. If you have some favorite photos that I’ve posted on Instagram or Tumblr over the past year or so that aren’t on the site, please let me know and I should get them added to the portfolio. I’m trying to keep those sections to a “best of” set of photos that are based on feedback or what I feel are some of my favorite shots.