April 23rd – Finally after a few mistakes and repaints the housings are looking good and are almost ready to reassemble. Not sure if I’d want to try this again for any lights, though it might go faster now that I know some of the challenges in doing these. It would probably also go more smoothly with an air brush or paint gun instead of spray cans.

April 24th – Stayed home since I wasn’t sleeping well again. During the day I kept hearing helicopters only to find out the LAPD were in a stand off with a gunman in a building not far from me.

April 25th – Sometimes really not sure what to do anymore, feeling like it doesn’t really matter how hard I try. Just been trying to show Zab how I care about us but it’s not easy for her to see.

April 26th – Getting back to editing more of the color negatives I’ve developed recently. Anytime I’m having more challenges I try to stay focused on projects.

April 27th – Long day, just trying to relax and make some rice and bulgogi.

April 28th – Trying more long exposure shots with Arista to see how it does. This time I tried to push it out beyond a 45 minute exposure. It’s challenging since vibrations through the tripod can easily ruin the photo. It seems like even this time there were slight vibrations since some of the buildings are a little out of focus when viewed full size.

April 29th – Go time, finally resealing the lights before finishing the lens polishing.

April 16th – Haven’t really felt like going out much due to being really tired from not sleeping well and feeling kind of blank. Just thought I’d test out longer and longer exposures with Arista. This one was 16 minutes.


April 17th – Even longer exposure, I think this one was 30 minutes.


April 18th – Got out after work and shot more of the Caltrans building which I have wanted to get on 4×5 for a while.


April 19th – Out at the Evo again, trying to clean out the intercooler since oil has been accumulating in my intake, intercooler piping, and intercooler. Not sure exactly what the issue is, but I think there’s too much crank case pressure pushing oil past the turbo bearing seals.


April 20th – Looks like a late night for the construction guys. This was around 7pm and they were still hard at work. This building keeps coming up quick.


April 21st – Wide angle shot of the building construction and looking north through downtown. Friday, but felt the week just was dragging on and I want to stay in.


April 22nd – Picked up my spare valve cover from Henry. I’m going to try drilling out the vent to 1/2″ at least and run that to my intake and see if that reduces my crank case pressure. I also want to strip the paint and re-paint it wrinkle black before throwing it on the Evo.


April 9th – Mixed up some old C-41 chemistry I had from a Tetenal concentrate kit to see how things would turn out. I think it has been sitting for 6+ months and the negatives ended up looking like they had a pink mask rather than an orange one. I don’t think I filled the bottles with xeon or anything before storing them though, so that probably accelerated their degradation in quality.


April 10th – Stopped by Freestyle photo again and picked up the Unicolor C-41 kit as well as some more slide film, this time in 35mm since I need to shoot more of it before using the Fuji kit I recently got.


April 11th – I ordered some Tamiya TS-71 to try and tint the chrome housings of my headlights to make a black chrome look. Other headlight modders had recommended it over trying to use the Dupli-color or VHT tinting paints.


April 12th – Spent a lot of time cutting more stickers before having to give Raul back his plotter. I think I’m going to have to get one of these for myself.


April 13th – Development night with the new C-41 kit and getting some of Cam’s film done.


April 14th – Covered up everything I could so I could finally spray my headlight housings. Overall it was much harder than I anticipated to spray them smoothly. My attempts with the Tamiya paint failed since it sputtered too easily when the can was angled. I ended up having to switch to using a flat black, though even that did not go smoothly at first and there’s more work to do to finish up the lights before sealing them back up.


April 15th – At least one side’s housing and HID cut off came out well. The other side had over spray issues that I had to sand and respray as well as a section of chrome that got pulled up by the tape. I still haven’t completely figured out how I’m going to address that.