My brother, Cam, was out in LA for a few days last week so we could work on shooting a book or series of photos. He ended up bringing out his nearly mint Yashica 124g which I had a chance to try and use more while he was here. I love how quiet and stable it is, I was able to get most shots hand-held at 1/15th or even 1/8th of a second without much of a problem. The only thing that was difficult was getting use to the meter, fortunately using the Caffenol C-C-L recipe in a semi-stand way was able to pull out quite a lot of detail despite the film being 2-3 stops under-exposed.

I’m not sure if other people have seen things like this on Ecn-2 based films, but I can’t figure out exactly what it is. On some shots, especially those with a lower exposure, I seem to get these areas of magenta bands or contamination near the top and bottom of a frame. I don’t think it’s a light leak from the camera, as I’ve seen the same thing from 3 of my 35mm cameras. Could it be from static unrolling the bulk reel to spool down for the bulk loader or perhaps a very minor leak from the bulk loader?


I’ve finally been shooting and developing more of the cinema film my brother has been rolling down to 35mm canisters. I really love the colors of Kodak 500T and even though the development process is challenging thanks to the remjet backing it keeps pulling me back. Hopefully I can improve the consistency so I lose less shots. I think I’ll also be posting more sets in my blog space, though I’ve said that before so we’ll see.